shiny down girl hogtie

9:24 minutesBondage
shiny down girl hogtie 1
shiny down girl hogtie 2
shiny down girl hogtie 3
shiny down girl hogtie 4

Put her in a shiny down jacket and pants,slowly put her hood on,let her struggle,put her on the ground and hogtied her let her try to get out,enjoy!

two raincoat straitjacket 1
two raincoat straitjacket 2
two raincoat straitjacket 3
two raincoat straitjacket 4

Put my slave in two raincoats one backwards,put my harness breathplay gag on let her struggle,then I creep in take her gag off and put in my cock,enjoy!

bound boot girl cuming

5:55 minutesBondage
bound boot girl cuming 1
bound boot girl cuming 2
bound boot girl cuming 3
bound boot girl cuming 4

bound my lovely boot girl to a chair,and played with her,enjoy!

blue jacket play thing

13:28 minutesBondage
blue jacket play thing 1
blue jacket play thing 2
blue jacket play thing 3
blue jacket play thing 4

put my slave in a vintage blue down jacket,put a breathplay hood on her let her struggle then made her suck cock,then gagged her put her on the couch and made hder cum,enjoy!

purple raincoat bondage

11:50 minutesBondage
purple raincoat bondage 1
purple raincoat bondage 2
purple raincoat bondage 3
purple raincoat bondage 4
Put my slave in a lovely purple raincoat ,put mittens on her chained then up to her collar,let her struggle,then made her cum and suck cock,then hooded her and let her struggle,enjoy!
shiny down jacket struggle 1
shiny down jacket struggle 2
shiny down jacket struggle 3
shiny down jacket struggle 4

Put my slave in a plastic raincoat backwards then put her in a shiny down jacket strapped her up and let her struggle for air ,enjoy!

shiny jacket girl play time 1
shiny jacket girl play time 2
shiny jacket girl play time 3
shiny jacket girl play time 4
Put my slave in a lovely down jacket,put mittens on her making it a straitjacket,pulled her hood over her face and put my hand down her pant and made her cum,enjoy!

down jacket struggle

3:53 minutesBondage
down jacket struggle 1
down jacket struggle 2
down jacket struggle 3
down jacket struggle 4
Put my slave in my harness,put her in a backwards down jacket tied up her hood over her face,let her struggle for air,enjoy!

shiny down jacket girl

5:32 minutesBondage
shiny down jacket girl 1
shiny down jacket girl 2
shiny down jacket girl 3
shiny down jacket girl 4

This is a lovely struggle clip,having her plastic hood on she is struggling for air.My slave moans to get free,enjoy!

green down jacket smother 1
green down jacket smother 2
green down jacket smother 3
green down jacket smother 4

I put my slave in a lovely green down jacket,tied her her up with thick rope then tied the hood tight over her face let her struggle for air as I messed with her,enjoy!!