rubber raincoat breathplay 1
 rubber raincoat breathplay 2
 rubber raincoat breathplay 3
 rubber raincoat breathplay 4

Tied  up my slave nice with arms in the air,gagged her up so just hear her moan,put her hood on,roped up her head let her struggle for air,then put a nylon hood on first then rubber raincoat hood and fuck with her a little,and watch her struggle,such a lovely story line,enjoy!

purple raincoat bondage

11:50 minutesBondage
purple raincoat bondage 1
purple raincoat bondage 2
purple raincoat bondage 3
purple raincoat bondage 4
Put my slave in a lovely purple raincoat ,put mittens on her chained then up to her collar,let her struggle,then made her cum and suck cock,then hooded her and let her struggle,enjoy!

blue raincoat bagged

5:24 minutesBondage
blue raincoat bagged 1
blue raincoat bagged 2
blue raincoat bagged 3
blue raincoat bagged 4
Put my slave in a shiny blue raincoat wrapped her up nice,played with her until I put her in a bag for the night,enjoy!

backwards raincoat slave

12:14 minutesBondage
backwards raincoat slave 1
backwards raincoat slave 2
backwards raincoat slave 3
backwards raincoat slave 4

Put my slave in backwards raincoat,tapped up, hood over face collared.Let her struggle to get air,then tapped her hands and made her play with her self,then pulled her hood off and came in her mouth,then let her suck my cock,enjoy!

raincoat slave fucked

9:37 minutesBondage
raincoat slave fucked 1
raincoat slave fucked 2
raincoat slave fucked 3
raincoat slave fucked 4

I left my slave alone to struggle then I come and make her suck cock and fuck her till I'M DONE ,ENJOY!

raincoat hogtie

9:18 minutesBondage
raincoat hogtie 1
raincoat hogtie 2
raincoat hogtie 3
raincoat hogtie 4

Put my slave in a black plastic raincoat put my red harness on her,I come in put a hood on her let her struggle for air,then hogtied her and let her feel her bondage.

red raincoat hood fun

21:38 minutesBondage
red raincoat hood fun 1
red raincoat hood fun 2
red raincoat hood fun 3
red raincoat hood fun 4

Put my slave in a shiny pvc raincoat,then a pvc hood(no air)then let her struggle with that,then I fucked with her,enjoy!

two raincoat bondage

11:13 minutesBondage
two raincoat bondage 1
two raincoat bondage 2
two raincoat bondage 3
two raincoat bondage 4

I put my slave in two raincoats one on backwards,put her hoods on let her struggle then I come in and fuck with her,enjoy!!

backwards breath play

18:24 minutesBondage
backwards breath play 1
backwards breath play 2
backwards breath play 3
backwards breath play 4

I put my lovely slave in a raincoat backwards and played with her breathing,enjoy!

yellow raincoat bag bondage 1
yellow raincoat bag bondage 2
yellow raincoat bag bondage 3
yellow raincoat bag bondage 4

I put my lovely slave in a yellow rasincoat,put a hood on her head played with her breathing,then put her in a bag and let he rstruggle,enjoy!