shiny down girl hogtie

9:24 minutesBondage
shiny down girl hogtie 1
shiny down girl hogtie 2
shiny down girl hogtie 3
shiny down girl hogtie 4

Put her in a shiny down jacket and pants,slowly put her hood on,let her struggle,put her on the ground and hogtied her let her try to get out,enjoy!

two jacket hogtie

15:00 minutesBondage
two jacket hogtie 1
two jacket hogtie 2
two jacket hogtie 3
two jacket hogtie 4

First put my slave in a red pvc raincoat backwards then a lovely shiny down jacket.I strapped her up good on my table,nice hogtie.Then I made her cum,the struggles is a very nice.Then I pulled off her hoods to see she is blindfolded,and make her suck my cock,this is a must see!!!Enjoy

shiny down slave

22:55 minutesBondage
shiny down slave 1
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My slave gets put in a shiny down jacket chained up in her mittens,I come in a fuck with her put her hood over her face she ends up hogtied and struggling for air enjoy!

Ray in parka bondage

19:34 minutesBondage
Ray in parka bondage 1
Ray in parka bondage 2
Ray in parka bondage 3
Ray in parka bondage 4

I put her in a parks gagged her blindfolded strapped her up,then played with her hood over her face,and a strap on her neck,enjoy

Ana in straitjacket hooded 1
Ana in straitjacket hooded 2
Ana in straitjacket hooded 3
Ana in straitjacket hooded 4

I put her in my straitjacket,hogtied her put a hood on her played with her let her moan and struggle to get out enjoy!!!!

straitjacket hogtie

5:35 minutesBondage
straitjacket hogtie 1
straitjacket hogtie 2
straitjacket hogtie 3
straitjacket hogtie 4

I put her in my straitjacket,hogtied her,gave her a toy to make her cum,then made her suck my cock,enjoy!