shiny down girl hogtie

9:24 minutesBondage
shiny down girl hogtie 1
shiny down girl hogtie 2
shiny down girl hogtie 3
shiny down girl hogtie 4

Put her in a shiny down jacket and pants,slowly put her hood on,let her struggle,put her on the ground and hogtied her let her try to get out,enjoy!

down jacket bagged up

8:31 minutesBondage
down jacket bagged up 1
down jacket bagged up 2
down jacket bagged up 3
down jacket bagged up 4

Put my slave in a down jacket strapped her up gagged her then put her in a down bag and closed her up in it,enjoy!!

gas mask bagged

3:33 minutesBondage
gas mask bagged 1
gas mask bagged 2
gas mask bagged 3
gas mask bagged 4

I put my slave in my red shiny bag,gas masked her up,and let her fight to get out,put that did not happen,hee hee,enjoy!

red jacket bag time

9:37 minutesBondage
red jacket bag time 1
red jacket bag time 2
red jacket bag time 3
red jacket bag time 4

This is a nice clip where I let my slave hood her self and struggle in the bag,then I come in and play with her enjoy!

down bag in pvc bag

15:19 minutesBondage
down bag in pvc bag 1
down bag in pvc bag 2
down bag in pvc bag 3
down bag in pvc bag 4

I put my slave in a down bag then put her in my custom pvc bag zipped her up very tight and fucked with her,enjoy!!