down jacket bagged

3:23 minutesBondage
down jacket bagged 1
down jacket bagged 2
down jacket bagged 3
down jacket bagged 4

Put my slave in my down jacket(yes I make custom fetish gear)put her in a giant bag strapped her in and let her struggle with no air I'm a creepy man,enjoy!!

shiny jacket shiny bag bondage 1
shiny jacket shiny bag bondage 2
shiny jacket shiny bag bondage 3
shiny jacket shiny bag bondage 4

I put her in my golite jacket tied her up gagged her put her hood on then tied her up in my pointfive bag and put the hood over her face,then I GOT TO PLAY WITH HER,ENJOY!

backward bag bondage

15:57 minutesBondage
backward bag bondage 1
backward bag bondage 2
backward bag bondage 3
backward bag bondage 4

I put my slave in a golite down jacket then put her in a bag backwards and closed her all up and played with her,enjoy

my new jacket

22:26 minutesBondage
my new jacket 1
my new jacket 2
my new jacket 3
my new jacket 4

I put my slave in my new jacket.chain her up gag her play with with her breathing.It's really a lovely clip,enjoy!!

backwards breath play

18:24 minutesBondage
backwards breath play 1
backwards breath play 2
backwards breath play 3
backwards breath play 4

I put my lovely slave in a raincoat backwards and played with her breathing,enjoy!

yellow raincoat bag bondage 1
yellow raincoat bag bondage 2
yellow raincoat bag bondage 3
yellow raincoat bag bondage 4

I put my lovely slave in a yellow rasincoat,put a hood on her head played with her breathing,then put her in a bag and let he rstruggle,enjoy!

red shiny bag bondage

15:30 minutesBondage
red shiny bag bondage 1
red shiny bag bondage 2
red shiny bag bondage 3
red shiny bag bondage 4

Well,this s a wonderful clip if you like shinyb nylon.I  put her in my bag strap her up then I put her in a body bag,enjoy!!

sleepsack love

12:11 minutesBondage
sleepsack love 1
sleepsack love 2
sleepsack love 3
sleepsack love 4

I put my lovely slave in my sleepsack and let her squim as I touched her all over then gagged her and let her struggleenjoy!

Ray in parka bondage

19:34 minutesBondage
Ray in parka bondage 1
Ray in parka bondage 2
Ray in parka bondage 3
Ray in parka bondage 4

I put her in a parks gagged her blindfolded strapped her up,then played with her hood over her face,and a strap on her neck,enjoy

backwards raincoat creepy 1
backwards raincoat creepy 2
backwards raincoat creepy 3
backwards raincoat creepy 4

I put my slave in a black pvc raincoat backwards,yes hard to breath,let her struggle,came and played with her and finally rubbed my cock all over her hood covered face,yum,enjoy!