creepy plastic play

2016-11-26 17:21 minutes Bondage
creepy plastic play 1
creepy plastic play 2
creepy plastic play 3
creepy plastic play 4

I creeped on my slave covering her in plastic,enjoy!

mummy love

2016-11-21 3:21 minutes Bondage
mummy love 1
mummy love 2
mummy love 3
mummy love 4

I wrapped my slave up in some nylon strapped her up and let her fight to get free,great struggle,enjoy!

shiny down slave

2016-11-16 22:55 minutes Bondage
shiny down slave 1
shiny down slave 2
shiny down slave 3
shiny down slave 4

My slave gets put in a shiny down jacket chained up in her mittens,I come in a fuck with her put her hood over her face she ends up hogtied and struggling for air enjoy!

red bag blow job

2016-11-08 11:19 minutes Bondage
red bag blow job 1
red bag blow job 2
red bag blow job 3
red bag blow job 4

Put my slave in my red bag then wrapped her in plastic wrap left a hole for my cock ,enjoy!

green down jacket smother

2016-10-31 19:04 minutes Bondage
green down jacket smother 1
green down jacket smother 2
green down jacket smother 3
green down jacket smother 4

I put my slave in a lovely green down jacket,tied her her up with thick rope then tied the hood tight over her face let her struggle for air as I messed with her,enjoy!!

down bag in pvc bag

2016-10-24 15:19 minutes Bondage
down bag in pvc bag 1
down bag in pvc bag 2
down bag in pvc bag 3
down bag in pvc bag 4

I put my slave in a down bag then put her in my custom pvc bag zipped her up very tight and fucked with her,enjoy!!

red raincoat hood fun

2016-09-28 21:38 minutes Bondage
red raincoat hood fun 1
red raincoat hood fun 2
red raincoat hood fun 3
red raincoat hood fun 4

Put my slave in a shiny pvc raincoat,then a pvc hood(no air)then let her struggle with that,then I fucked with her,enjoy!


2016-09-19 17:22 minutes Bondage

I put my slave in my straitjacket,hooded,played with her made her cum,then put her on her knees and made her suck my cock,enjoy I DID!!

two raincoat bondage

2016-09-15 11:13 minutes Bondage
two raincoat bondage 1
two raincoat bondage 2
two raincoat bondage 3
two raincoat bondage 4

I put my slave in two raincoats one on backwards,put her hoods on let her struggle then I come in and fuck with her,enjoy!!

two bag bondage

2016-09-07 23:08 minutes Bondage
two bag bondage 1
two bag bondage 2
two bag bondage 3
two bag bondage 4

I put my slave in down bag straped her up then put her in a second bag and messed with her breathing,enjoy!!