red jacket bagged

13:25 minutesBondage
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I put my slave in a lovely red nylon jacket ,tapped her mouth up and tapped her up let her struggle the I put a bag over her and tapped her up more,enjoy!

straitjacket slave

10:06 minutesBondage
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Took my slave down to the basement put her in my straitjacket,let her sit for while.I come in put a hood on her then I play with her spank her let her struggle to be free of my tormenting her,then just leave her alone with her struggle,enjoy!
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Put my slave in a lovely down jacket,put mittens on her making it a straitjacket,pulled her hood over her face and put my hand down her pant and made her cum,enjoy!

down jacket slave

9:29 minutesBondage
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Put my slave in a nice shiny red down jacket put my mittens on strapped her up like a straitjacket,strapped her legs,tied her hood over her face.Let her struggle for air till I pull her hood off made her suck my cock ,enjoy

down jacket struggle

3:53 minutesBondage
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Put my slave in my harness,put her in a backwards down jacket tied up her hood over her face,let her struggle for air,enjoy!

hooded jacket play thing

17:29 minutesBondage
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Tied up my lovely slave to a chair,made her cum,then untied her from the chair put her on her on the ground and made her suck my cock,enjoy
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After her breath play hogtie,I made her suck cock,enjoy!

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12:14 minutesBondage
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Put my slave in backwards raincoat,tapped up, hood over face collared.Let her struggle to get air,then tapped her hands and made her play with her self,then pulled her hood off and came in her mouth,then let her suck my cock,enjoy!

down jacket bagged up

8:31 minutesBondage
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Put my slave in a down jacket strapped her up gagged her then put her in a down bag and closed her up in it,enjoy!!

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9:37 minutesBondage
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I left my slave alone to struggle then I come and make her suck cock and fuck her till I'M DONE ,ENJOY!