down jacket slave

2017-03-30 9:29 minutes Bondage
down jacket slave 1
down jacket slave 2
down jacket slave 3
down jacket slave 4
Put my slave in a nice shiny red down jacket put my mittens on strapped her up like a straitjacket,strapped her legs,tied her hood over her face.Let her struggle for air till I pull her hood off made her suck my cock ,enjoy

down jacket struggle

2017-03-22 3:53 minutes Bondage
down jacket struggle 1
down jacket struggle 2
down jacket struggle 3
down jacket struggle 4
Put my slave in my harness,put her in a backwards down jacket tied up her hood over her face,let her struggle for air,enjoy!

Raincoat slave sucks cock

2017-03-11 3:58 minutes Bondage
Raincoat slave sucks cock 1
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After her breath play hogtie,I made her suck cock,enjoy!

down jacket bagged up

2017-02-24 8:31 minutes Bondage
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Put my slave in a down jacket strapped her up gagged her then put her in a down bag and closed her up in it,enjoy!!

raincoat slave fucked

2017-02-18 9:37 minutes Bondage
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I left my slave alone to struggle then I come and make her suck cock and fuck her till I'M DONE ,ENJOY!

shiny jacket cock sucking

2017-02-15 6:36 minutes Bondage
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After letting my slave struggle I put her on her knees and made her suck my cock,enjoy!

shiny down jacket girl

2017-02-01 5:32 minutes Bondage
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This is a lovely struggle clip,having her plastic hood on she is struggling for air.My slave moans to get free,enjoy!

hood play love

2017-01-05 15:44 minutes Bondage
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I put my slave in a lovely nylon jacket gagged and tied down to my bench,then I put her hood on tight mess with her breathing.Then creepy man(me)makes her cum,enjoy this is a good one,hee hee!

two jacket hogtie

2016-12-19 15:00 minutes Bondage
two jacket hogtie 1
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First put my slave in a red pvc raincoat backwards then a lovely shiny down jacket.I strapped her up good on my table,nice hogtie.Then I made her cum,the struggles is a very nice.Then I pulled off her hoods to see she is blindfolded,and make her suck my cock,this is a must see!!!Enjoy

red jacket bag time

2016-12-12 9:37 minutes Bondage
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This is a nice clip where I let my slave hood her self and struggle in the bag,then I come in and play with her enjoy!