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Put my slave in a nice nylon jacket bound her arms to her side,put her in my rubber bag and zipper her up un zipper her and made her suck my cock,then zipped her back up and let her struggle,enjoy!

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This is a nice down jacket bondage,I put her in my harness blindfold and gag,and let her struggle,enjoy!

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Tied up my lovely slave to a chair,made her cum,then untied her from the chair put her on her on the ground and made her suck my cock,enjoy

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I left my slave alone to struggle then I come and make her suck cock and fuck her till I'M DONE ,ENJOY!

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After letting my slave struggle I put her on her knees and made her suck my cock,enjoy!

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I put my lovely slave in a yellow rasincoat,put a hood on her head played with her breathing,then put her in a bag and let he rstruggle,enjoy!

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Well,this s a wonderful clip if you like shinyb nylon.I  put her in my bag strap her up then I put her in a body bag,enjoy!!

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I put my lovely slave in my sleepsack and let her squim as I touched her all over then gagged her and let her struggleenjoy!

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Well,I thought it would be fun to just watch her struggle with a gas mask bound up,enjoy

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I put her in my armbinder and blue pvc hood and let her struggle then stuck my cock in her mouth,enjoy