hooded jacket play thing

17:29 MinutenBondage
hooded jacket play thing 1
hooded jacket play thing 2
hooded jacket play thing 3
hooded jacket play thing 4
Tied up my lovely slave to a chair,made her cum,then untied her from the chair put her on her on the ground and made her suck my cock,enjoy

raincoat hogtie

9:18 MinutenBondage
raincoat hogtie 1
raincoat hogtie 2
raincoat hogtie 3
raincoat hogtie 4

Put my slave in a black plastic raincoat put my red harness on her,I come in put a hood on her let her struggle for air,then hogtied her and let her feel her bondage.

backwards jacket fun

5:20 MinutenBondage
backwards jacket fun 1
backwards jacket fun 2
backwards jacket fun 3
backwards jacket fun 4

Put my slave in a down jacket backwards strapped her up a let her struggle for air,enjoy the struggle!!

hood play love

15:44 MinutenBondage
hood play love 1
hood play love 2
hood play love 3
hood play love 4

I put my slave in a lovely nylon jacket gagged and tied down to my bench,then I put her hood on tight mess with her breathing.Then creepy man(me)makes her cum,enjoy this is a good one,hee hee!

gas mask bagged

3:33 MinutenBondage
gas mask bagged 1
gas mask bagged 2
gas mask bagged 3
gas mask bagged 4

I put my slave in my red shiny bag,gas masked her up,and let her fight to get out,put that did not happen,hee hee,enjoy!

two jacket hogtie

15:00 MinutenBondage
two jacket hogtie 1
two jacket hogtie 2
two jacket hogtie 3
two jacket hogtie 4

First put my slave in a red pvc raincoat backwards then a lovely shiny down jacket.I strapped her up good on my table,nice hogtie.Then I made her cum,the struggles is a very nice.Then I pulled off her hoods to see she is blindfolded,and make her suck my cock,this is a must see!!!Enjoy

bagged and strapped

18:44 MinutenBondage
bagged and strapped 1
bagged and strapped 2
bagged and strapped 3
bagged and strapped 4

Put my slave in my custom bag strapped her up tight,then rubbed all over her as I played with her breath,enjoy!

red jacket bag time

9:37 MinutenBondage
red jacket bag time 1
red jacket bag time 2
red jacket bag time 3
red jacket bag time 4

This is a nice clip where I let my slave hood her self and struggle in the bag,then I come in and play with her enjoy!

creepy plastic play

17:21 MinutenBondage
creepy plastic play 1
creepy plastic play 2
creepy plastic play 3
creepy plastic play 4

I creeped on my slave covering her in plastic,enjoy!

mummy love

3:21 MinutenBondage
mummy love 1
mummy love 2
mummy love 3
mummy love 4

I wrapped my slave up in some nylon strapped her up and let her fight to get free,great struggle,enjoy!