latex straitjacket bagged 1
latex straitjacket bagged 2
latex straitjacket bagged 3
latex straitjacket bagged 4
I put my lovely slave in my straitjacket,then bagged her up then strapped her up,let her struggle for air then I let her out just to suck my cock then put her back in and put a down bag on her ,enjoy!

straitjacket slave

10:06 Minuten Bondage
straitjacket slave 1
straitjacket slave 2
straitjacket slave 3
straitjacket slave 4
Took my slave down to the basement put her in my straitjacket,let her sit for while.I come in put a hood on her then I play with her spank her let her struggle to be free of my tormenting her,then just leave her alone with her struggle,enjoy!

hooded jacket play thing

17:29 Minuten Bondage
hooded jacket play thing 1
hooded jacket play thing 2
hooded jacket play thing 3
hooded jacket play thing 4
Tied up my lovely slave to a chair,made her cum,then untied her from the chair put her on her on the ground and made her suck my cock,enjoy
Raincoat slave sucks cock 1
Raincoat slave sucks cock 2
Raincoat slave sucks cock 3
Raincoat slave sucks cock 4
After her breath play hogtie,I made her suck cock,enjoy!

bagged and strapped

18:44 Minuten Bondage
bagged and strapped 1
bagged and strapped 2
bagged and strapped 3
bagged and strapped 4

Put my slave in my custom bag strapped her up tight,then rubbed all over her as I played with her breath,enjoy!


17:22 Minuten Bondage

I put my slave in my straitjacket,hooded,played with her made her cum,then put her on her knees and made her suck my cock,enjoy I DID!!

two raincoat bondage

11:13 Minuten Bondage
two raincoat bondage 1
two raincoat bondage 2
two raincoat bondage 3
two raincoat bondage 4

I put my slave in two raincoats one on backwards,put her hoods on let her struggle then I come in and fuck with her,enjoy!!

backwards raincoat creepy 1
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I put my slave in a black pvc raincoat backwards,yes hard to breath,let her struggle,came and played with her and finally rubbed my cock all over her hood covered face,yum,enjoy!

bagged slave

9:54 Minuten Bondage
bagged slave 1
bagged slave 2
bagged slave 3
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Just finished making this bag and strraps,I put my lovely slave in the bag,zipped her up straped her in and then gave her alittle punishing,enjoy!!

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Ana in straitjacket hooded 1
Ana in straitjacket hooded 2
Ana in straitjacket hooded 3
Ana in straitjacket hooded 4

I put her in my straitjacket,hogtied her put a hood on her played with her let her moan and struggle to get out enjoy!!!!