raincoat hogtie

9:18 Minuten Bondage
raincoat hogtie 1
raincoat hogtie 2
raincoat hogtie 3
raincoat hogtie 4

Put my slave in a black plastic raincoat put my red harness on her,I come in put a hood on her let her struggle for air,then hogtied her and let her feel her bondage.

backwards jacket fun

5:20 Minuten Bondage
backwards jacket fun 1
backwards jacket fun 2
backwards jacket fun 3
backwards jacket fun 4

Put my slave in a down jacket backwards strapped her up a let her struggle for air,enjoy the struggle!!

bagged and strapped

18:44 Minuten Bondage
bagged and strapped 1
bagged and strapped 2
bagged and strapped 3
bagged and strapped 4

Put my slave in my custom bag strapped her up tight,then rubbed all over her as I played with her breath,enjoy!

shiny down slave

22:55 Minuten Bondage
shiny down slave 1
shiny down slave 2
shiny down slave 3
shiny down slave 4

My slave gets put in a shiny down jacket chained up in her mittens,I come in a fuck with her put her hood over her face she ends up hogtied and struggling for air enjoy!

green down jacket smother 1
green down jacket smother 2
green down jacket smother 3
green down jacket smother 4

I put my slave in a lovely green down jacket,tied her her up with thick rope then tied the hood tight over her face let her struggle for air as I messed with her,enjoy!!

down bag in pvc bag

15:19 Minuten Bondage
down bag in pvc bag 1
down bag in pvc bag 2
down bag in pvc bag 3
down bag in pvc bag 4

I put my slave in a down bag then put her in my custom pvc bag zipped her up very tight and fucked with her,enjoy!!

two bag bondage

23:08 Minuten Bondage
two bag bondage 1
two bag bondage 2
two bag bondage 3
two bag bondage 4

I put my slave in down bag straped her up then put her in a second bag and messed with her breathing,enjoy!!

my new jacket

22:26 Minuten Bondage
my new jacket 1
my new jacket 2
my new jacket 3
my new jacket 4

I put my slave in my new jacket.chain her up gag her play with her.play with her breathing.It's really a lovely clip,enjoy!!

backwards breath play

18:24 Minuten Bondage
backwards breath play 1
backwards breath play 2
backwards breath play 3
backwards breath play 4

I put my lovely slave in a raincoat backwards and played with her breathing,enjoy!

yellow raincoat bag bondage 1
yellow raincoat bag bondage 2
yellow raincoat bag bondage 3
yellow raincoat bag bondage 4

I put my lovely slave in a yellow rasincoat,put a hood on her head played with her breathing,then put her in a bag and let he rstruggle,enjoy!