blue down jacket bagged

10:56 MinutenBondage
blue down jacket bagged 1
blue down jacket bagged 2
blue down jacket bagged 3
blue down jacket bagged 4
Put my slave in down jacket,strapped her up,put her hood on then put her in a shiny green down bag and strapped her in for the night!!Enjoy!

my new jacket

22:26 MinutenBondage
my new jacket 1
my new jacket 2
my new jacket 3
my new jacket 4

I put my slave in my new jacket.chain her up gag her play with with her breathing.It's really a lovely clip,enjoy!!

Ana in self bondage

10:44 MinutenBondage
Ana in self bondage 1
Ana in self bondage 2
Ana in self bondage 3
Ana in self bondage 4

Ana get herself in a backwards raincoat blindfolds and gags herself then put a leash around her neck,plays with herself,I come at the end to help her out,enjoy!!!

Ana in green raincoat bondage 1
Ana in green raincoat bondage 2
Ana in green raincoat bondage 3
Ana in green raincoat bondage 4

I put her in a green rubber raincoat straped her up gagged blindfold her then when she was struggling I messed with her head about spiders all around,she was pretty pissed when it was all over,enjoy

pink gothic girl blowjob 1
pink gothic girl blowjob 2
pink gothic girl blowjob 3
pink gothic girl blowjob 4

I put her in a pink jacket gagged and bound her,played with her then put my cock in her mouth,enjoy!!!