rubber raincoat breathplay 1
 rubber raincoat breathplay 2
 rubber raincoat breathplay 3
 rubber raincoat breathplay 4

Tied  up my slave nice with arms in the air,gagged her up so just hear her moan,put her hood on,roped up her head let her struggle for air,then put a nylon hood on first then rubber raincoat hood and fuck with her a little,and watch her struggle,such a lovely story line,enjoy!

latex straitjacket bagged 1
latex straitjacket bagged 2
latex straitjacket bagged 3
latex straitjacket bagged 4
I put my lovely slave in my straitjacket,then bagged her up then strapped her up,let her struggle for air then I let her out just to suck my cock then put her back in and put a down bag on her ,enjoy!

blue down jacket bagged

10:56 MinutenBondage
blue down jacket bagged 1
blue down jacket bagged 2
blue down jacket bagged 3
blue down jacket bagged 4
Put my slave in down jacket,strapped her up,put her hood on then put her in a shiny green down bag and strapped her in for the night!!Enjoy!

blue raincoat bagged

5:24 MinutenBondage
blue raincoat bagged 1
blue raincoat bagged 2
blue raincoat bagged 3
blue raincoat bagged 4
Put my slave in a shiny blue raincoat wrapped her up nice,played with her until I put her in a bag for the night,enjoy!

bad kitty

28:18 MinutenBondage
bad kitty 1
bad kitty 2
bad kitty 3
bad kitty 4
This is a lovely clip were I tie up kitty let her meow to be let out,I untie her just for a little then I put kitty in a bag let her struggle for air,enjoy!
Schlagworte: CATSUITS, catsuit, hood, gag, gagged, bag, bagged

red jacket bagged

13:25 MinutenBondage
red jacket bagged 1
red jacket bagged 2
red jacket bagged 3
red jacket bagged 4
I put my slave in a lovely red nylon jacket ,tapped her mouth up and tapped her up let her struggle the I put a bag over her and tapped her up more,enjoy!

down jacket bagged up

8:31 MinutenBondage
down jacket bagged up 1
down jacket bagged up 2
down jacket bagged up 3
down jacket bagged up 4

Put my slave in a down jacket strapped her up gagged her then put her in a down bag and closed her up in it,enjoy!!

gas mask bagged

3:33 MinutenBondage
gas mask bagged 1
gas mask bagged 2
gas mask bagged 3
gas mask bagged 4

I put my slave in my red shiny bag,gas masked her up,and let her fight to get out,put that did not happen,hee hee,enjoy!

bagged and strapped

18:44 MinutenBondage
bagged and strapped 1
bagged and strapped 2
bagged and strapped 3
bagged and strapped 4

Put my slave in my custom bag strapped her up tight,then rubbed all over her as I played with her breath,enjoy!

red jacket bag time

9:37 MinutenBondage
red jacket bag time 1
red jacket bag time 2
red jacket bag time 3
red jacket bag time 4

This is a nice clip where I let my slave hood her self and struggle in the bag,then I come in and play with her enjoy!